Let's talk about wardrobe.

The way you dress is the easiest way to make you feel confident, secure, and comfortable during our session.

It's important to have your photographs capture the essence of you. But if you're like me.. you don't even know how to dress yourself half the time! And that's okay. Trust me. Most of us are not fashionistas.
I'm here to help you.


We'll start with my ladies.

I always suggest calling in the reinforcements here.. our lady Pinterest. She's good to us. Scroll through some outfit ideas to get a good idea of what you like. Are you drawn to the rich moody and dark colors (like me!) or are you loving the soft brights? Start there. Once you choose which direction you want to go for colors, lets find momma an awesome outfit. 
I love patterns and texture. But I personally get overwhelmed in busy clothes. I feel like I get lost in them, and I'm a super bold person! When you're looking at patterns, think dainty or huge, but relatively simple (floral is great, always, forever!) as these tend to be the less "loud" patterns, and almost always compliment you! Dresses are great, simple skirts with a patterned top (or vice versa!), if you're a jeans kind of person then dress it up with a perfectly fitting solid top and an amazing statement necklace. 
We'll talk accessories soon though (;


For the men out there.

Men tend to be the least excited about photoshoots, so let them be involved. When he says "I don't care what I wear"... he's lying. Don't buy it. 
My favorite look for men is jeans and a button up that they feel good in. Men are so simple, throw him in a plain shirt or a flannel and some nice jeans and he will look fantastic!
If he's open to more fun things, accessorize the heck out of it. Bow ties, suspenders, suit jackets, cardigans, whatever he's open to! Build it off of your outfit. Are you going solid? Put him in a pattern! Are you wearing a super busy outfit? Put him in something simple, and you two will compliment each other perfectly. 
I find that with families it is easiest to choose mom and dad's outfit and build the kids around it.


The kiddos.

It's SO hard to dress kids who want to run around naked. Toddlers are hard. Get them excited! What's their favorite color? Does your son love pink? Let him pick out a pink bow tie! Does your daughter love dressing like mommy? Get her something similar! Trust me, those little details will do nothing but make them smile, and help to capture exactly who they are. 
I prefer simple with accessories and layers for kids, because the more layers they have the more they keep on! 


Accessories are important.

A flower crown, a statement necklace, a bright colored tie against a plain shirt.. these are the things that really make your outfit you! Sure, your toddler may not leave it on the full session, which just gives a wider variety! 
Some of my favorite accessories are layers. A nice cardigan or jacket, a scarf, and fun earrings!
Hats... are... hard. I've never felt like a baseball cap enhanced an engagement session, but I have seen a guys smile grow from "awkward because there's a camera in front of me" to "I'm comfortable and happy" the second he had his hat on. Be open to a few without, and we'll make sure you get your hat back on asap! 
(These are also good for getting your kiddos excited!)


At the end of the day, don't be afraid to talk to me!

I am here to make sure you get the best photography experience of your whole life. Lay your outfit ideas down on your bed together and send me a picture. Send me 20 different combinations if you need help. Send me the dresses you tried on and can't decide between. Send me those links, or let me send you some! We're in this together I promise! <3 Happy shopping, I cannot wait to see how good you look.