I’m Kenzie.

And that little gem is miss Waverly <3



I'm probably the weirdest person you've ever met...

But like, in a good way.


The basics: I've seen the Office more times than I can count and it’s probably on my “continue watching” on Netflix right now. I have a lot of tattoos and I literally never know what color my hair will be when we meet. I’m married to the coolest guy I’ve ever met. I love to travel, doing makeup, and Post Malone. I probably have a fanny pack on, and there’s probably snacks in it. #Momlife.

Even outside of my professional life, you’ll probably find me with a camera in my hand. I’ve been documenting my daughter since the day she was born and it’s the only way I cope with her growing up so quickly.

I'm really just here to make you laugh. I don't believe in strangers, just friends I haven't met yet. We can talk about aliens and I'll make a few bad jokes and we'll have a great time. <3 I promise, I'm more awkward than you.

How did you choose Waverly Lane Photography?

My daughters name is Waverly Brooke. When I was deciding on a name for my business, I was going back and forth on a million different variations of her name and my name and literally ALL of the names. It was exhausting. Then one night, as I'm talking to a colleague about it all, I said to her "I just want to create a path she'll want to follow in. Like a little Waverly Lane" and from there, it was history. <3


The hubs <3


The super weird toddler


The growing babe meeting us in September <3